Free Trial Users Are Worthless For Your SaaS App

Want more recurring revenue, profits, and repeatable and sustainable growth? Build an onboarding system which converts a high percentage of your free trial users to repeat customers

What Do You Need?


  • Add thousands of potential users to your email list in less than a week.
  • Get a tailormade content marketing strategy designed to grab your market's eyeballs.
  • Have established authority sites in your niche send you traffic for free.
  • Get engaging website copy which converts a high percentage of traffic hitting your site into email subscribers and free trial users.
  • Deploy a high performing email campaign which grabs attention, establishes trust, and demonstrates the value of your product.
  • Find out the who, where, what, when, why, and how of your users with a custom built analytics stack.


  • Reduce your CAC by finding and optimizing channels that give you the highest ROI.
  • Implement a cross-sell/upsell strategy that doesn't annoy or repel customers.
  • Keep churn down by building systems and processes that guarantee customer success.


Do this over and over again, and your growth rate gathers momentum like a boulder rolling down the hill. 

The beauty of OMTM is that it can be applied anywhere, regardless of the stage where your startup is at. When you execute this philosophy you will:

  • Experience unmatched clarity about goals, from the CEO to the intern.
  • See significant improvement in your revenues and profits.
  • Achieve organization-wide unity of purpose.
  • Get a clear roadmap to sustainable growth. 
  • Radically improve customer experience.

The OMTM philosophy works well even for the tiniest startup teams because it's a divide and conquer approach: you do one thing well instead of many things poorly.

OMTM is meditation for a startup: it keeps the startup focused on the big picture while making it more resilient in a continuously changing business environment. 

However, all these benefits depend on the choice of your OMTM. Choose it wrong, and it will literally put you out of business. 

To know more about how to choose your OMTM and grow your startup without getting distracted, click on the button below and leave your email. 

I will send you a handy document that outlines how high growth startups like SumoMe, AirBnB, Product Hunt, Facebook, Square, WhatsApp etc used this approach to grow at blistering rates, as well as the right way to pick your OMTM. 

Focus on a single metric, and improve it over time.

My name is Bhaskar Sarma and I am a conversion copywriter turned full stack growth marketer. 

In my 6 years of studying about conversion, persuasion, and growth I have realized one inescapable fact: if you want more, you HAVE to do less.

Want more traffic? Find one or two channels that send the highest number of clicks, and customize your marketing and messaging for them.

Want more users? A/B test your landing page that drives free trial signups, and execute a killer triggered email onboarding sequence so that users are hooked. 

Want more revenue? Find out the 20% customers that contribute 80% of your revenues, and obsess about how to do more to make them successful. 

You can achieve all of that by identifying your One Metric That Matters (OMTM).

When you identify your OMTM and do everything possible to improve it, your growth curve starts looking like this.

If you want to actually grow your SaaS startup quit looking for that elusive growth hack. Instead...

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