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What Happens When Facebook Ads No Longer Guarantee Ecommerce Growth?

Get done-for-you email marketing which gives you:
  • A massive bump in loyal customers
  • Predictable growth in profits and sales
  • A resilient revenue stream with the highest ROI

15 min consult, no strings attached

For Fantastic Emails That Anyone On Your List- Boomer, Millennial, Or Zoomer- Will Love

List Segmentation

I will carve out your main list into multiple segments so that every email you send is highly targeted and will have a higher click-through and conversion rate.

email personalization

Extreme Personalization

I will customize your emails using up to 35 variables like product bought, time zone, location, age, average order value, etc. As a result, mass emails will turn into personalized one-to-one communication.

email automation

Automation and Flows

I will increase the average order value, cart abandonment rate, and customer lifetime value with automated flows that offer the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Focus On Ecommerce Growth While I Take Email Marketing Off Your Plate

Complete Setup

Get a comprehensive email setup that follows eCommerce email marketing best practices. Now, no more wasting your valuable time changing the settings in your email software.

Done For You Emails

Coming up with headlines, body copy, preview text, etc is hard. However, there’s an easier way: I will take care of the details while you do the $10,000/hr work to grow your brand.

Reporting & Analysis

Understand email performance metrics and impact to the bottom line- revenues, profits, etc. Get updated reports and data-backed analysis that'll trigger higher growth

Why Email Marketing Can Give You A Massive Competitive Advantage Right Now

reliable email marketing over Facebook

More Reliable Than Paid Social

Grow revenues and profits reliably without worrying about iOS14 data privacy policies, a cookieless future, or other issues drastically degrading Facebook ads. Email is as dependable as your grandfather's cast iron skillet.

email marketing healthy growth rates

Growth And Retention Booster

Email’s still about 7x more efficient than paid social ads in acquiring customers and retaining them. With smart marketing, you can get healthier rates: email is like a tasty crunchy salad that looks and feels good.

email marketing's cross generational appeal

Preferred by All Demographics

Much like pizza, email's appeal cuts across multiple age groups, including the digitally and social media native Gen Z. People may delete Facebook, but they will never close their email account.

"effective and prompt"

Recently we have been planning to make important changes to our website and so we needed a usability audit to see the advantages and disadvantages of using our website. We contacted Bhaskar and found him to be instantly pleasant and informative along with excellent value for money. The results of the Audit were presented in a clear and concise manner. The report itself thoroughly covered how we could improve our site and we are currently implementing many of his findings on our website. We also found Bhaskar to be an effective and prompt communicator.

How Does This Project Work


I audit your tech stack, existing email campaigns, list quality and about 20 other variables to determine the foundational issues that need to be fixed for email marketing success

Time taken: 2 to 4 days


Post the audit, I start filling in the gaps identified, and prep your email marketing tool for the first campaign. The setup includes both basic and advanced steps, from list cleaning to RFM segmentation and automation flows

Time taken: 3 to 8 days

assembling email marketing strategy


I pull the trigger on your first campaigns, monitoring their performance and run A/B testing across multiple variables . Consequently, you will know which subject line, body content, design, time of day , emails dispatched per week work best etc.

Time taken: Continuous


Depending on different factors, I will send you reports and analysis on a daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis detailing the performance of your email campaigns. Secondly, I will also analyze the data for learnings and improvement.

Time taken: 1 day

Frequently Asked Questions

I will need very little from you in the initial days:

  • Access to your email marketing software (I recommend Klaviyo)
  • Access to your eCommerce platform like Shopify
  • Some content assets like images that you use in marketing

Your involvement will be limited to an onboarding meeting where I will present you the plan for the next 30-45 days, and weekly or fortnightly review standups.

In brief, here’s what happens during the 30-45 days of the onboarding process. I:

  • Import your existing lists and performance data into Klaviyo
  •  Clean up your list by removing hard and soft bounced emails, and run basic maintenance.
  • Turn on high performance automatic flows like welcome, post purchase and cart abandonment to warn up your IP address. As a result,  your domain will be able to send massive number of emails letter without raising red flags with ISPs.
  • Then start segmenting your list into different segments based on customer engagement tiers, locales, product purchase decisions etc.
  • Start creating and sending out emails to the most active segments.
  • Update different forms on your website.
The onboarding process is designed to ensure that your domain doesn’t face issues like throttling at the ISP level.  

Also your list will get used receiving to high quality emails from you, boosting your engagement rates and improving deliverability to the inbox.


As mentioned above, the onboarding process is critical to establishing your email marketing channel on a strong foundation.

It’s exactly like the pre-flight checklists pilots goes through before they even switch on the engines. 

Without the proper onboarding process:

  • Emails might not be delivered or marked as spam
  • You might see a large bounce rate, harming your domain’s reputation
  • You won’t have the systems and processes in place to sustain email marketing for the long run.
Don’t rush through the onboarding process if you desire long term gains from email marketing.

Almost immediately.

While the actual onboarding process will take anywhere from 30-45 days depending on multiple factors, I am going to turn on high performance automatic flows after a few days of getting started.

You can start seeing results like:

  • lower cart abandonment rate
  • higher average order value
  • faster time to initial purchase.

These emails are strategically designed to engage high intent customer segments based on their behavior and give you quick revenue wins. 


If you are using Klaviyo, you will get a system generated report daily or weekly (depending on your preference).

Every week you will also get insights on:

  • Why one particular subject line or design variant performed better in A/B testing.
  • Different approaches you could take regarding storytelling, branding, positioning etc.
  • Specific optimizations to the website that can improve conversion rate of email traffic.
  • Different types of offers or list building strategies that you can deploy to increase list size.
  • Feedback from customers based on email replies

Moreover, I will organize a monthly call during the first week of every month to discuss performance, upcoming campaigns and other issues. 

No worries!

I am completely flexible to your requirements and the workflow that suits you the best. 

I can do only setup and copy, or just setup or a completely done for you setup+ copy+ design+ reporting.

Even if you want to handle the actual copywriting of the emails I can still be available on hand to help you set up new flows, new segments or provide insight into improvements.

However, if your team is small or isn’t used to email marketing, I will recommend a shorter time of engagement (around 60 days) so that they get used to the systems and processes and pick up seamlessly after I exit. 

It depends: I don’t like this answer, but that’s the truth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The cost per project depends on:

  • The size and the health of your list
  • Whether or not your list has been segmented
  • The current email service you are using (general email service providers like Mailchimp don’t play well with eCommerce)
  • Setup requirements
  • Scope of work (am I handling setup only or do you need me to do everything)
The base price of any project starts at $995. 

I highly recommend Klaviyo.

It’s the highest rated email marketing tool for eCommerce stores and is used by tens of thousands of shops daily.

However, depending on your needs, we can also use something like Omnisend or Privy. 

I strongly advise against general email software like Mailchimp or Active Campaign, primarily because these tools don’t integrate with eCommerce platforms at granular levels.

Why Hire Me?

bhaskar tardis


If you believe that email is your eCommerce brand’s best bet at sustainable growth, we should talk. 

I bring to the table 9 years of copywriting  experience and 5 years of growth marketing practice to:

  • Tell stories in every email that entertain and intrigue your customers and make them want your stuff.
  • Use Jobs-to–be-done theory to create subject lines that your subscribers just can’t ignore.
  • Set up critical automatic flows that practically earn you free money in increased sales without zero effort.

As a freelancer, I work with very few brands and don’t delegate my work to anyone else, giving you my complete attention. 

I am also a Klaviyo Master Partner. As a result, I have access to Klaviyo to help with implementation and can guarantee solutions for even the thorniest of issues.


Winning At Email: Behind The Scenes

Profitable Segmentation

An email list is practically useless without segmentation.

Segmentation makes it easy to separate a monolithic list into multiple tiers, based on user behavior and actions like:

  • amount last spent
  • most commonly bought product category
  • recency and frequency of purchases.

These segments help me turn your emails from boring, irrelevant blasts to highly targeted and relevant messages that improve sales and profit.

Detailed Reporting

See these screengrabs?

They are samples of the reports that you be able to see any time you want visibility into the project’s onboarding.

I value your time too much to flood your inbox with emails that you have to waste time later retrieving.

Moreover, all reports will be in a centrally accessible location, vieweable by anyone who has the link. 


Getting Started With Email Marketing

Set Up Free Call

Click on the orange button, pick a time that works best for you from the calendar, and set up a free phone or Zoom call. Just drop your site URL so that I can prep.
Want to forward me some of your existing emails? That would be even more amazing

Start Onboarding

If we hit it off during the call, we will get started with the onboarding process.
At the end of the onboarding process, you will have an email marketing machine humming along, delivering you predictable sales

Reporting And Analysis

Access updated progress reports at your convenience and data-backed performance analysis.
Find out the why behind these numbers, get instant insights into email's impact on your bottomline