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Improve eCommerce conversion rate, customer retention, and average cart value with a comprehensive site audit using the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework

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Why Care About An Audit For Your Ecommerce Store

low converting ecommerce store
high converting ecommerce store

Why Jobs-To-Be-Done

Fast and Efficient

Ideal for brands who need quick wins with optimizing their website while working on their customer persona process

Customer First

Insights aligned with actual customer expectations, allowing you to position your brand better and improve revenue and retention

Tactical & Strategic Wins

Get high level strategic insights as well as nuts and bolts tips to take advantage of your brand's strengths and improve site conversion rate

What's Covered In The ECommerce Conversion Audit

Proper UX increase ecommerce conversion

Store UX

I will take a deep dive into all elements of your store's user experience (navigation, checkout flow etc) and recommend easy to implement steps that will boost your eCommerce conversion rates

better product images high conversion DTC

Email Funnel

I will evaluate both automated and marketing emails from the perspective of copy and design and offer high impact recommendations designed to increase your email ROI

customer images high ecommerce conversion

Copy & Creative

Copy and creative helps you stand out from the crowded competition, and I will take a fine toothed comb at your positioning, product copy, headlines, ad copy etc and suggest improvements

"effective and prompt"

Recently we have been planning to make important changes to our website and so we needed a usability audit to see the advantages and disadvantages of using our website. We contacted Bhaskar and found him to be instantly pleasant and informative along with excellent value for money. The results of the Audit were presented in a clear and concise manner. The report itself thoroughly covered how we could improve our site and we are currently implementing many of his findings on our website. We also found Bhaskar to be an effective and prompt communicator.

How Does The Ecommerce Conversion Audit Work


First off, I look at your competition and your market to understand how the top performers are faring and what the meta trends are.

Time taken: 0 to 2 days


In the 2nd step, I then take a complete 360 degree overview of your homepage, product pages, your email funnels , your social media profiles and your checkout flow in order to understand your brand's ethos .

Time taken: 0 to 3 days


In the 3rd stage, I determine the optimum strategies and high impact tactics that will improve your site conversion rate.

Time taken: 1 to 3 days


In this 4th step I present the findings in an easy to follow document, showing you the different ways in which you can optimize your online store. I will also include a video walkthrough detailing user.
experience on the site.

Time taken: 1 to 3 days

Frequently Asked Questions

The audit will take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 business days, depending on the complexity of your eCommerce site. 

Apart from your website, I will generally need access to the following:

  • Your complete email/SMS  funnel content and analytics
  • Google Analytics data
  • Customer ticket questions
Depending on your marketing tactics and/or the type of industry I might need some more data (like responses to  NPS survey/online quiz etc).

The audit results will be available in two major formats:

  • A screencast video  highlighting the  first impression customers will have about  your online store.
  • A detailed report, with screengrabs and annotations showing you high impact improvements.
I will incorporate social media feedback and customer reviews in the report to give you ideas on how to improve your website experience.

Two guarantees:

  • An informed insight into how a new customer will view your brand.
  • At least 10 easy to implement high impact changes that will compound to improve your conversion rate.
Also, you can ask for any number of modifications in the report for up to 3 days from submission. 

This audit covers the following areas:

  • Content and copy (Headlines, videos, blog posts, email courses etc) 
  • User experience on your website (speed, ease of navigation etc)
  • Your risk reversals, offers, checkout experience (discount codes, free shipping etc)
  • Customer retention strategies (what are you doing to convert one time buyers to repeat customers)
  • Email funnel (structure of your email flow, automated email copy and design, calls to action etc)
I will complement recommendations with social media feedback from your dream customers. 

I will also incorporate third party expert advice on high converting websites, as well as a section on what your top 3 competitors are doing well.


I can work with you on a one-time or retainer basis to make extensive changes as per the audit recommendations.

Here are the areas I typically help clients with:

  • Website copy and positioning 
  • SEO
  • Setting up your analytics infrastructure(traffic reporting, conversion goals etc)
  • Email funnels (copy, design, testing, optimization, segmentation)
  • Setting up subscription
  • Upsells and cross sells
  • Consultation on organic social media strategy
  • Content marketing coaching
You can even pick any one of these areas to work in. I believe in quick wins for my clients, so I can suggest high impact, limited optimizations that will help you get results immediately. 


It depends: I don’t like this answer, but that’s the truth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The cost per audit depends on:

  • How massive your site is (number of pages)
  • How extensive your email funnel is (number of emails, types of emails etc)
  • The competition in your space (the copy has to work harder for sites in crowded niches like health, wellness, beauty etc) for the site to stand out.
All my conversion audits start at a base price of  $400, and can go up depending on these factors. 

A Peek Into The eCommerce Converison Audit

Detailed Checklist

This checklist is a highlight of some of the points I am going to be covering in the conversion  audit like:

  • Copy and positioning
  • Design and layout 
  • Email funnel
  • Checkout flow
  • Website user experience

Swipe right to see two screenshots of the audit checklist

ecommerce conversion audit report

Video Walkthrough

The video walkthrough will mimic the user’s experience as they browse through the website and will cover points like:

  • Navigation in mobile/desktop view
  • Loading speeds/ accessibility
  • Amount of clicks needed to place an order

This walkthrough will act as a form of user testing and will help you fix issues that only a first time user will spot.

Detailed Report

You will get a detailed audit document summarizing and expanding on everything that I have found in the audit.

This file will summarize all the parameters highlighted by the checklist and the video walkthrough and will have content like

  • Screenshots with annotations
  •  Breakdown of issues with actionable bullet points
  • Examples of optimization from 3rd party or competitor sites.

This report is the only thing that your team needs to implement the audit recommendations.

ecoommerce high conversion audit

Getting Started With The Conversion Audit

Set Up Free Call

Click on the orange button, pick a time that works best for you from the calendar, and set up a free phone or Zoom call. Just drop your site URL in the booking so that I can prep

Order Your Audit

If we hit it off during the call, you can book a custom conversion audit. Audits are $400 and above, depending on how extensive you want them to be

Get Your Report

Each eCommerce conversion audit will take between 24 hours to 7 business days, depending on your site, your industry etc. Each audit will have an exit interview where we can walk over the findings

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